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“1000 people project” challenge

How I conquered my fear and boosted my confidence

· Challenge,Los Angeles

Today I want to share with you the challenge I created for myself in August. I called it “1000 people project”. As you know the summer is a slow season - many people are traveling and taking time off to enjoy good weather. I experienced this myself with too many openings in my schedule.

Thus, to test my guts and get more of the clients I desired, I decided to go door knocking, meet 1000 people and tell them about my service of office and private yoga.
It was pretty scary at the beginning - fear of rejection is real. I am the type of guy who never complains at a restaurant even if something is wrong with my meal. Moreover, growing up in a country with a dictator, being silent and not expressing one’s point of view naturally added to my low grade complicity.

I was even afraid to walk into a retail store, shake someone’s hand and say “Hi, my name is Vlad, I am a yoga instructor….”. However, in several days it became easier and easier. I was nourishing myself with affirmations and incantations like “yes, yes, yes, success, success, success” while dancing in elevators while no one was watching.

I realized that no one will arrest or beat me for the desire to promote my business; perhaps a leftover experience with dictatorship. Most of the people were super nice and more than happy to take my flyer. Many of them really encouraged me saying that I was doing the right thing…

The hardest part wasn’t talking with people, instead leaving my car and walking into the building became treacherous. I was scared of going into a huge building, being stopped by security and told that “there is no solicitation allowed”. I understand no one wants to be disturbed while working. However, I had my mission and I was committed to accomplish it. I did it! I talked to more than 1,200 people over 6 consecutive weeks.
The best part of my experiment is not what I got in return but what I have become and how it made me feel. It was so fascinating to realize how much confidence it gave me. Now I have no problem to ask the server to alter my meal :)

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